Turley Estate Zinfandel (2020)

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On the whole, we were unbelievably lucky. As a winery that produces primarily Zinfandel, a variety that ripens much earlier than most others, harvest usually begins for us at the end of July/beginning of August. In a drought year like 2020, harvest was already well underway, and most of our Napa grapes were safely in, well before the Glass Fires began at the end of September. In the aftermath, we had to make sacrifices when it came time to decide which vineyards we harvested, and forfeit even more when it came to bottling. Unwilling to take even the most minute of chances, Tegan vetoed wines whose lab results returned clean if he felt their character had somehow been compromised. You may rest assured that the wines you are offered here embody the high quality and distinctive terroirs of the vineyards they represent



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