Peter Lauer Fass 4 Ayler Riesling Feinherb (2020)


Peter Lauer Fass 4 Ayler Riesling Feinherb (2020)

From the Importer:

As noted with Fass 25, yet more revelations of climate change, the “1er Cru” Scheidterberg and Sonnenberg hills that curl around the village of Ayl are beginning to turn out wines of real depth and complexity, yet they also still flaunt a bit of their even-more-cool-climate thing. This is only the third vintage of this wine I’ve brought in, and honestly I think it’s here to stay. Think of it as Barrel X with more punch and guts. In 2020 this wine is almost dangerous: 9.8% alcohol, 33 grams residual sugar with nearly 10 grams (!) acid. Holy hell watch out.

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